One of Paul Bilzerian’s sons is Dan Bilzerian who is 33 years old. Dan Bilzerian is very famous as an American internet personality and also as a gambler. His lifestyle is what we call lavish and expensive. He has quite a reputation for being a playboy who earned around $50 million playing cards. All his posts on social media told us that this 33 years old man’s lifestyle is full of yachts, sports cars, and nightclubs. This lifestyle is without a question expensive and when he is asked how did he achieve this, he said the money came from his father’s trust, though he never mentioned the amount. $50 million was his resent earnings from only playing poker in 12 or 14 months which is insane.

When it comes to gambling, Dan Bilzerian is very skilled. This social media superstar was 180th in WSOP main event in 2009 where he earned $36626 and in the same competition, he earned $10.8 million in 2013. There are even rumors that this 33 years old man wins millions in live cash games which proves how good he is. He also owns business ventures. Thanks to his business, faher’s fund and Hollywood role, he got quite an asset which allows him to have such a lavish life. His assets worth around $150 million according to There are also his 100 guns which are included with his asset.

Dan Bilzerian rules social media by the influence of his lavish and expensive lifestyle. In other words he is a social media celebrate who posts his sparkling lifestyle on social medias, especially on instagram. Young generation likes to check out his assets such as cars, guns, yachts and women wearing bikinis on Instagram which is why his current instagram followers are around 4.5 million. We can see what a playboy he is from his instagram posts as well.
The pictures and videos he posts online are very famous among young generation. Some of them goes viral and have millions of views. One of his videos which went viral, it shows he pushed a naked porn actress off the roof of his house and into a pool. The actress got major injusries and wanted to sue Dan Bilzerian but the play boy was unharmed as he payed his lawyer a lot.

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